Soul business 
expansion workshop

4 calls to take you and your business to another level
Starts Monday, Nov 13th, 2017 
This is for you if...
You really are going for it and showing up and... you get minimum feedback, some may say, crickets!
You know you have so much to offer but just terrified to make yourself known for many reasons: fear of judgments, fear of being a fraud, who do you think you are, etc
You actually noticed that you have received more money but your expenses have also increased, so you really are not increasing your bottom line
You feel like you have to do a lot to bring more income and perhaps it will never happen for you
You have doubts around the price you set:  is it too much or too little? and feel like either way your client will say NO
You feel more often than not, that your client will be turned off when you mention the price
You are afraid, consciously or subconsciously, to bring more income than your partner
You feel like a lot of your manifestation of money comes through your partner 
Visibility. Income ceiling. Setting your service or product price. Receiving abundant income as a woman.
Are you ready to show up and being seeing by your Soulmate clients?
Are you ready to see your efforts of showing up reflected in the feedback from your audience?
Have you noticed that no matter how much your income increases, so do your expenses? That is called "income ceiling". 
Are you ready to break through that ceiling?
Are you ready to really increase your bottom line?
Do you want to invite your client to join you in a journey without being nervous when talking about the price?
Are you looking to feel totally good about the price of your product or service? 
Are you ready to receive money, not only through your partner, but actually through your own venues?
If you said YES to any or all of these then this is for you!
Join this workshop ACTIVATION series: 

4 calls. 4 Mondays. 2.5 hrs calls
8pm EST 6pm MST 5pm PST

During these calls you will:

Release conscious and subconscious patterns, so you are visible, you are comfortable with your pricing, more open  to receive the income you deserve, and just plain open more open to  receive 
Totally change patterns that  are keeping you small. 
Dissolve fears, know and unknown, that keep you from procrastinating and not having you step into your calling
Finally break through your income ceiling and break the bar
Be comfortable and confident with selling your services and products
Be free of the blocks that women have been carrying for centuries around generating income and more income than the men in the household
Replay links available for life
Starts November 13th, 2017

Call 1: VISIBILITY ACTIVATION: Fears around being visible or frustration around being visible will be dissolve.

Call 2: INCOME CEILING ACTIVATION: Break through the pattern of making more but not increasing your bottom line.

Call 3: SETTING YOUR PRICE ACTIVATION. Whether is single sessions or packages you will not only feel comfortable but you will receive positive response from your Soulmate Client

Call 4: Q&A, RECEIVING AS A WOMAN ACTIVATION. Bring all your questions and the stories around you manifesting through your husband will be deleted

BONUS Audio: Clearing Resistance

Full Access  - 4 Calls
  • 10 hrs of live calls:
      Coaching and Healing Activation
  • Call 1: Visibility
    Call 2: Income ceiling
    Call 3:  Setting the price for your services
    Call 4: Q&A: Receiving money as a woman
  • Bonus: Clearing resistance
  • Lifetime access to replay
A La Carte - 1 Call
$97 /call
  • 2.5 hour live call:
      Choose any one call activation
  • Call 1: Visibility
    Call 2: Income ceiling
    Call 3:  Setting the price for your services
    Call 4: Q&A: Receiving money as a woman
  • Bonus: Clearing resistance
  • Lifetime access to 1 replay 

 “My mission is to help energy workers to open, expand and OWN their Soul gifts and FULFILL their missions!

  As a consequence of working with me my clients start to change their lives and the lives of others  in a deeper way.

I look for individuals that are ready to impact the world in bigger and deeper ways”

Lisseth Wertz

Quantum Leap Coach and Master Energy Healer